Pakistani doctor who helped find Bin Laden may face charges of high treason.

A Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden has been fired by the Pakistani health service.  The decision whether to charge him with high treason in Pakistan is pending.

Another doctor, the coordinator of the health department, and 15 health workers were also fired.  The reason given for the firings was that they had started a polio vaccination campaign without permission in the town where bin Laden was living.

 Dr. Shakeel Afridi helped the CIA use a vaccination campaign to collect DNA samples from residents of bin Laden’s compound to verify the terror leader’s presence there.
Did Pakistan think that if they waited this long, no one would care what happened to Dr. Afridi?  Or has the leadership of Pakistan simply gotten tired of maintaining the front that they’re not the terrorist-sheltering assholes they really are?

Update: U.S. officials say Afridi provided important information on activity at the compound. Bin Laden was killed in a U.S. Navy SEAL raid in Abbottabad in May last year that was conducted without informing Pakistani authorities. Three weeks later, Afridi was picked up, interrogated for months and, in May this year, sentenced to 33 years in jail.

“My brother has become a victim of the U.S. game,” said Jamil Alfredi, who spends much of his day worried that passersby are actually security agents tailing him. He used the term “angels” for the agents, as many Pakistanis do because they are believed to be everywhere but remain invisible. “If my brother had really played a role for America, I think the Americans should have kept it secret.”–Reuters

Why did Dr. Alfredi”s name and involvement become known? Bin Laden was dead. Alfredi wasn’t going to be needed to testify at a trial.

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