DARPA hires hacker.

DARPA–the “out there,” supersecret technology development arm of the DOD, has hired a hacker as the program manager for its cybersecurity program, “CINDER” (Cyber Insider Threat).  From Wired’s Dangerroom:

“Darpa has people on hand who know the difference between benign and malicious online actions. In February, the agency hired Peiter “Mudge” Zatko –one of the hackers of Boston’s L0pht collective, who famously told a congressional committee in 1998 that they could shut down the internet in 30 minutes — as a program manager for cybersecurity. “I don’t want people to be putting out virus signatures after a virus has come out,” he told CNet when Darpa hired him. “I want an active defense. I want to be at the sharp pointy end of the stick.”

Hey, I’m with you, buddy.  Get the sharp pointy sticks out there.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta believe that the greatest problem created by PFC Bradley Manning and his leaking of thousands of DOD documents to Wikileaks, was not the publication of the information itself so much as its effect on future operations:  he worries that the effect of Wikileaks will be to hinder the fast transmittal of information from commanders to troops in the field.

So, Zatko, do your best.  Or worst, as that may be.

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