Marines Consider Increased Role for Women in Corps

American Forces Press Service, Aug. 28, 2012.


Ok, adding a few quotes from the article:

(C)ommandant (James F. Amos) said many women have been in combat in the wars fought over the last decade. “Women in combat have not been an issue,” he said.

Artillery, tanks, amphibious warfare vehicles, light air defense and some combat engineer specialties now are open to women in the Marine Corps’ officers and staff noncommissioned officer ranks, Amos said. “So that’s in the process right now,” he said, adding that he believes women will be successful in those fields.

“Early indications are that that was precisely the right thing to do,” he said.

Again, DUH.

Ok, another:

Next month, two women will attend the Marine Infantry Officer Course at Quantico, Va. They will spend 13 weeks going through very difficult training, and must meet the same standard that men do. “That’s the standard,” the commandant said. “That’s what it takes to be an infantry officer in the Marine Corps.”

The two women will provide him with the data he needs to make recommendations to Congress, to the defense secretary and to the secretary of the Navy, Amos said.

Well DUH again.

If the Marine Corps is going to take women seriously in combat roles (where they already are), then what Gen Amos did not mention is that the Corps has to get rid of those dress uniforms for women–you know, the heels and skirt.  How is a Marine supposed to react to a quick-response or emergency call in heels and a skirt??  You doubt me–you try it.  And those funny hats–what’s up with that??

The whole thing is antique.  Police departments got rid of heels and skirts 30 years ago.  The Corps can be at least as smart.

AND, what’s with all the women up front? Why aren’t they sitting in alphabetical–or class rank order–among the men? Why do they have to be so “pretty”–and so coddled?


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