Army Women Become Sappers

Two Army women joined almost 60 other women since 1999 to complete the Army’s elite–and tough–SAPPERS combat leadership course.

1stLt Audrey Moton and 2ndLt Carley Turnnidge knew it would be tough, of course. According to comments following the news story, 5-10% of each class is comprised of women. The failure rate for both women and men is 40%.

“Moton trained vigorously to get in shape before she ever got to the course and believes she and Turnnidge actually motivated the men. ‘They’d think, “Wait, I don’t wanna get beat by a girl.”‘ ‘Well, then run faster,” she said. “I’m not going to stop.”

Turnnidge finished a competitive swim and then had to go back and drag her exhausted partner back across the lake.

The great majority of comments on this article were positive. My favorite was:

“I have no problem with females in wars if thats what they want. I do have a problem with the media making a big deal about it. If females want to be equal why do they promote their accomplishments seems like they would should just blend in instead of needing to say see some of us can do what males do. As long as they keep it in the news they are confirming the stereotype of [what] males and females [can do.]”

This blog is media. So why is this story here? …Because I hope it will become part of the archive of the commonplace and obsolete.

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2 Responses to Army Women Become Sappers

  1. Aridog says:

    Good post. I am glad I took the time, from Althouse’s site, to look up your profile and find this blog. One of my last commanders was a Engineer Branch female Lieutenant Colonel, now a full Colonel, with both Iraq and Afghan tours under her belt. She was one of the few officers in todays Army that’d I’d have willingly followed in to harms way. From me that is about as high a compliment as I can make.

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