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William Whipple, Constitution Day, and “All Men are Created Equal”

This post is a bit delayed (Constitution Day was September 17), but following is an essay written for Constitution Day on the theme, “My Favorite Founding Father.” It won a USMC unit award. There are many candidates one can choose … Continue reading

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Criminal ring includes 14 “Marines”

From CNN: “Seven active Marines, seven former Marines and a Navy sailor were among 50 people arrested in a sweeping Southern California raid aimed at shutting down a network that allegedly dealt in stolen cars, drugs, weapons and other military … Continue reading

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Which one would you want to have your back if you were a member of Seal Team 6?

< Here's a hint (if you need one): Their names both sound like "Kris." After 20 years of service, Chris Beck (first picture) retired from Seal Team 6 a just few months before their famous raid that killed Osama bin … Continue reading

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There is nothing to like about this story.

I had been contemplating a post about the recent coverage of sexual assault and misconduct in the Army and Air Force, and asking, “What in bloody hell is so stubbornly wrong with this culture?” But I didn’t have an answer. … Continue reading

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Sergeant Chesty

No matter that this recruit is named for the Marines’ greatest hero, USMC Gen. Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller–Sergeant Chesty XIII has no problem showing him who is boss. “Sergeant Chesty” is the official Marine Corps mascot. Gen. Chesty Puller earned … Continue reading

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(To Dream the) Impossible Dream–Earworm Warning!

Still the best rendition ever.

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2012 Army suicides are highest on record

Suicides, 2012/2011 Army (includes Guard and Reserve) 303/283 Navy (includes Reserves) 62/59 Marines 46/32 Air Force (includes Guard and Reserves) 71/70 Coast Guard (includes Reserves) 6/7 *Data reported by each military branch as of December 2012 “Why Soldiers Keep Losing … Continue reading

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