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“General Failure”

An article by Thomas E. Ricks in the November issue of The Atlantic magazine characterizes today’s military leadership as “inept” and a “culture of mediocrity.” While Ricks specifically discusses Army leadership, his criticisms at times apply across the services: Generalship … Continue reading

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Army Women Become Sappers

Two Army women joined almost 60 other women since 1999 to complete the Army’s elite–and tough–SAPPERS combat leadership course. 1stLt Audrey Moton and 2ndLt Carley Turnnidge knew it would be tough, of course. According to comments following the news story, … Continue reading

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“Anarchist” soldiers prosecuted for terrorist plots–and murder.

This is a bad couple of days for military news.  Marines punished for desecrating enemy corpses; soldiers punished for unheedingly burning Qurans; now soldiers from Ft. Stewart, GA being prosecuted as “anarchists” who wanted to overthrow the government. Really.  Overthrow … Continue reading

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